February 4, 2013


Hello Lovies!
Things have been real crazy around here.
& by real crazy I mean.. may or may not be planning the wedding in under 5 months.
I know I know.. not what we had planned for, but it is all turning out amazing and literally in 5 months we will be married and at the Ritz relaxing on our half month honeymoon.
Both of our families have hopped on board and are being so helpful with planning.
(like they wouldn't?? haha)
Who knew working 40+ hours a week and planning a wedding could be so stressful -joking.
I've knocked out a lot with the planning..
bridesmaids dresses-check
... now flowers, invitations, & registering for china!
I am so excited for our special day.
Here I am with some close girlfriends and one of Tiel's sisters after choosing my dress.
I literally went in & within 1.5 hours & 7 dresses.. I had chosen it & paid for it & was outta there.
Kickin ass & takin names!


Aileen said...

Ahh that does sound super stressful, but by the looks of your checklist you are kicking butt! You guys are all so gorgeous! :)

Ashley said...

you are knocking things out muffin! how exciting!! i'm so happy for you :)