April 25, 2012

what the heck happend

I know I haven't been on blogger in a while..
but what the hell happened?

This new layout..
I'm lost haha

On a different note, I am getting ready for Hawaii!
This time in 2 weeks I'll be slamming mai tais (sp?) & laying on the beach!

I promise to blog more once I find a work/life/blog balance.
It'll happen!!
Miss you all. & thanks for all of the sweet encouraging emails.

If you want to stay entertained check out my friend's blog--she just had her first baby
& needless to say I'm obsessed!

April 2, 2012


--this is the orphanage I taught at for 1 month while living in India
not only was it an orphanage.. it was an orphanage for the disabled.
Disabled from autism to being deaf or blind
just about any disability you can imagine was there in one form or another.

Going into this volunteer opportunity I signed up to work at an orphanage,
what I did not know was that I would be placed at one such as E.V.A.D, one for the disabled.
what an amazing experience it turned out to be.

I witnessed a lot during my time there
in a little village outside of Delhi
I saw true 3rd world hunger
children crying because they were starving
I saw children getting beat because they didn't do their homework correct
Children wearing the same dirty clothes. every. single. day.
shoeless and sockless
I saw what it was like to live day to day without knowing if you would have water or electricity
I witnessed children at the orphanage crying for their parents that had left them years ago.
I saw how alone they all were & how they depended on one another for assistance
whether it be being led around or helping do one each others hair
these 18 children were each others family. all they had.
Some how.. even in the worst conditions these children smiled and were happy.
They knew they had awful conditions, but still found joy in simple things like my camera or nail polish.
Think if I handed you over 10 million dollars...
now realize that that was the reaction I got when I gave them a teeny tiny piece of chocolate.

This experience was hands down the best thing I have ever done.

April 1, 2012

Remember me?

Remember me?
yanno.. the girl that used to blog (& comment on blogs) all the freaking time.
I don't know where she went off to. Oh yes.. yes I do.. work.
This week has been super busy and in all honesty I am pretty sure that this is how it'll be from here on out.
I've literally learned more in this one week than I did during the entire time at my previous job.
But enough about that..

This weekend has been great. Friday I attended an art event with a coworker
& Saturday we went to our friends new house for a crawfish boil.
I do not like crawfish. Maybe if I had someone to do the peeling for me..but it just doesn't seem worth it
I did eat about 3 ears of corn :)
Today Tiel and I took out his boat for the first time this summer.
I know it is spring, but here in texas.. it's summer weather already.
I have a sunburn!
I'm really glad we decided to keep the boat for another summer.
one more lap.

swim suit-Ralph Lauren | hat-Target

Anyone get any good pranks in today?
I told my mom that my grandmother got lice and they had to shave her head!!

Oh & April button "sponsors" are up :) check those girls out!