March 12, 2012

attn: wine & cheese lovers

I'm not sure if you all knew this, but I am pretty much obsessed with wine & cheese.
The cheese more than the wine--but I feel that they go best together,
so I have them together
Honestly nothing sounds better than curling up in a cozy little places with a spread of cheeses and a bottle of vino.
Now -- I'm no wine/food snob. I mean I know good stuff when I taste it
but I'll fun bag it every now and then
*fun bag=getting boxed wine.. taking it out of the box..
(this usually happens on a boat)
passing the bag around and drinking out of it while slapping it..
okay-now that I have embarrassed myself.

get it??
You see back in West Texas we didn't have Wholefoods or any gourmet grocery store
especially not a wine bar...
my town is literally the bible belt of the USA
there is a church on every single corner. no lie.
anyway I'm digging this whole urban wine/cheese experience here in Austin.
I've come across quite a few dives and would like to share them with all of you!!
If you are wanting to buy cheese I'd suggest:
Wholefoods/any local grocery store
Local farmer's markets
If you are wanting to have a nice cheese plate with some wine I'd suggest:
Vino Vino

If you don't love wine and want beer and some great cheese I'd suggest:
Flying Saucer
..get the hungry farmer.. & get the fog.
best. cheese. ever.
or the pretzel --yummmm. with the queso sauce.

ignore the dark circles. long week!


Emma said...

I love me some cheese, but I love me some wine!! That's crazy about your hometown...I wouldn't survive ;) Kidding!! :p Great post and love the pics! You are so stinkin' cute!

Holly said...

Heheheh! I love the photos with the bags of wine! :P

Katie said...

Mmmmmm....cheeeeese! I wish I didn't love it so much! I'm looking forward to some wine this summer.

And the infamous know, THE fun-bag story? Still one of my favorites. lol!

Kristin Fleck said...

omg. i love you. seriously, fun baggin it? are we long lost friends?

Elizabeth said...

Cute swimsuit!!

xo, -Elizabeth