February 29, 2012

& we are going to...

click the link to see where we are staying!


I am sooo excited!
Check out our last beach vacation here!
Now it is time to get in shape.. less than 10 weeks until we head to Kauai, HI.
I'll be at the gym nearly every day until then.
I need swimsuit help asap!.. what are yall's opinions?
All of these (&images) are from Anthropology. Best swimsuits ever. I bought two last summer.

I'm leaning towards the first left .. black and white.
Then the far right.. then the one piece, but opinions are appreciated.
I don't know if I can pull of a one piece.. especially that one piece.
Thoughts? Have a great week! It's half way done!


Holly said...

sooo jealous! You're going to have a blast :)

Katy said...

I love the black and white bikini! So classic. Have an amazing time! It is currently snowing where I live :o(

Amanda Cobb said...

I like the black & white one. That one piece has a bit much going on.

Also. Hawaii? Jealous!

Bubble My Licorice said...

those swimsuits :)
great post!

Colleen said...

The one on the right. For sure. Have a great trip!!

KAY said...

OMG I love the middle swimsuit! So adorable!!

new follower!

xo kay