February 7, 2012

Vegas wardrobe!!

Vegas is only a day away & I decided I better plan my outfits..
& spray tan.. I'll probably look like an oompa loompa.
I'm not checking a bag
--ya I'm one of those people that ALWAYS loses their luggage
(Europe, Mexico, & India.. awesome.)
so space is limited in my carry on
This past Saturday I went shopping at BCBG and Michael Kors.
Smart I know considering I just quit my job..
which by the way I will post about eventually
I promise.
Anyway--went shopping for things on "sale" for Las Vegas.
Picked up one or two items haha
because I figured a black clutch/shoulder bag is a good investment..
Michael Kors.

Theses were on sale.. soooo.. I got them..

These pants fit like a dime! I mean perfect & I can't say that about most pants for me
They are usually way too long
& this top was on sale 40% off! so .. I got it too..
I have a similar blazer that I'll take for day wear.
So they couldn't find the price for these earrings and rung me up for a similar pair
which happened to be on sale :)
just looked online and they are $88 dollars!
I got mine for $20.

This is one of my favorite dresses.
I love the bold color!!
I can't wait to wear it out in Vegas!

I wore this dress for New Years, but it is coming with me on this trip
for another appearance :)

So this is just a little example of my OCD--planning out outfits for trips
& the days/nights that I will be wearing them.
I am also going to Target today to try to find a pair of red pants!


Daryl said...

All of this is glam and fabulous! Take lots of pictures and have a great time!

<3 Daryl

Shalyn said...

You're sexy and you know it! :)

Katie said...

Love it all! I can't wait to go clothes shopping again. And I'm seriously wanting those red skinnies at Target...adorable.

And quit your job?!?! What the? Why don't I know this?

Kristin Fleck said...

just found you from freckled italian! loving the vegas clothes. Oh, I miss vegas. Back in my single days.... lol! Sounds like we both had a rough work week, so I'll be checking back for that post. New follower for ya!

Ashley said...

oh girl you are gonna rock vegas with this wardrobe (crossing my fingers it doesn't get lost!!) love all things michael kors and that bag is no different!

have so much fun! can't wait to hear all about it!