February 22, 2012

lent.. we will see

I've decided what to give up for lent. Do I capitalize lent.. Lent? not sure.
I was torn-- not sure if I should give up dairy or desserts.
unfortunately the one thing I'm obsessed with fall under both categories.
I already want it. I love sprinkles. love. like so much that I might want my wedding cake covered in them.
not that I plan my wedding/think about it-- *much.

desserts it is. we will see how this goes.
I am not giving up these though.

what... they are healthy.
ya still thinking about fro yo-specifically white chocolate mouse with rainbow sprinkles and cookie dough.
is it Easter yet?


Justina F. Lee said...

I haven't even decided what I want to give up on yet. Yikes...

Daisy said...

What?! What is this?! I have never heard of this dessert. I'm going to have to try it :)

Cute blog by the way!