November 7, 2011

building on up

This weekend/few days off were pretty crazy.
My ranch was recognized at the state capital this past Thursday for being in the same family for 100 years.
(it actually is 103 years)
& I got to spend a lot of time with my family.
I feel like I need a vacation haha
I drove all of my family members past Tiel's house that he is building..
& every time I drove by they had done more.
Tiel drove by today and said they have started on the 2nd story!!

check it out

I went around with my mom to different stores..
Restoration Hardware
Crate & Barrel
Pottery Barn
& I am sooo overwhelmed with what to fill this house with.
I finally made a decision on the bedding
& found a bunch of stuff "I don't need"..
much more to come

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Katie said...

How exciting!! Congratulations on your ranch being recognized. I think that's amazing for something to stay in the family nevermind 100+ years!! :)